Lê Giang là ai? Tiểu sử và sự nghiệp của nghệ sĩ Lê Giang [CHUẨN]

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Le Giang is an entertainer familiar with Vietnamese audiences in recent years. She is a multi-talented artist, winning personality but also very funny and silly. Possessing an impressive voice, Le Giang is better known as a comedian. Impressed with the natural and genuine acting error, many viewers actively sought out more biographical information about the female artist.

Who is artist Le Giang?

In recent years, Le Giang has continuously covered television game shows and comedy skits. Her wit, a bit skewed and edgy quickly made a good impression on television viewers. Not a skillful person, but Le Giang still receives great love from the public because of his frankness, whatever he says.

As an artist who brings laughter to the audience, Le Giang’s life is full of tears and misery. Few people think that a woman who talks and laughs on stage also has her own hidden corners, endures it all by herself. The more I learn about Le Giang, the more information about the female artist surprises the audience.

Lê Giang là ai? Tiểu sử và sự nghiệp của nghệ sĩ Lê Giang [CHUẨN]
About artist Le Giang

Despite her age, Le Giang still looks extremely young and beautiful. She affirms that she always values ​​beauty and is not afraid to undergo plastic surgery to preserve her appearance. Instead of criticizing or opposing, the audience especially agreed with this point of view. But basic information about Le Giang about to be shared below do you know all?

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Biographical information about artist Le Giang

Real name: Le Giang
Year of Birth: November 1, 1972
Zodiac Scorpion
Height: 1m58
Home town: a province in the Southwest region
Job: reformed artist, comedian
Outstanding performances: Ugly girl, Haunted teen house, Crab with pregnant wife, You are mine, …

What is Le Giang’s real name?

Le Giang is the real name of the female artist. She used her name when she was still a principal until she switched to the comedy field. Starting art at a very young age, decades in the profession, the name Le Giang has been imprinted in the memories of many audiences. Therefore, when mentioning Le Giang’s real name, any audience can answer.

When was Le Giang born?

Le Giang has a good-looking appearance, not too prominent. However, despite having been active in the arts for decades, looking at Le Giang now is not much different from when she was young. Therefore, even fans of the female artist have to wonder How old is Le Giang? Accordingly, she was born in 1972, turning 50 years old this year.

In fact, Le Giang looks much younger than the age of 50. The female artist has also repeatedly admitted that she has intervened under the knife to keep her appearance fresh. In middle age, Le Giang’s skin or face is still very sharp. Therefore, if you do not know much about the female artist, this will surely be quite shocking information for you.

Le Giang came to the path of theatrical theater
When was Le Giang born?

Where is Le Giang from?

As an artist who has been active in art for several decades, not many people know where Le Giang is from. People only know that she was born and raised in a province in the Southwest. This place is a land of special cultural interference between the three major ethnic groups, Kinh, Hoa and Khmer. Therefore, here, cai luong quickly became the most developed art form.

Born in this land, Le Giang quickly came into contact with the reformed type. She also quickly trained herself to sing, joined the singing troupe and toured. Today, having moved away from reformation, Le Giang live in Ho Chi Minh City, doing art and business here.

Artist Le Giang’s career path

During many years of operation, Le Giang’s career experienced many ups and downs. Starting with cai luong, then turning to drama, Le Giang was fortunate to receive love and affection from the audience. Looking back at the female artist’s career, many viewers feel admiration and joy for the sweet fruits Le Giang received after many challenges and difficulties.

Le Giang started her artistic career when she joined the Cai Luong singing troupe

Due to the living environment, Le Giang was exposed to cai luong from an early age. At the age of 15, she became the main vocalist at many troupes. In 1990, Le Giang redirected flood-specializing activities, joined Thanh Nga reform group. During this period, she received a gold medal at the Professional Theater Festival through the performance of Wetland River.

Only a short time later, Le Giang tried at the Tran Huu Trang award, which selects golden cai luong vocalists in Ho Chi Minh. The female artist started the contest with many difficulties because she was a provincial face, unfamiliar to urban people. However, with her efforts, Le Giang successfully touched the hearts of the audience. The name of the female artist here also began to be noticed and became more popular with the public.

Le Giang with her three children
Le Giang with her three children

The first step to the path of comedy theater

Le Giang met and married comedian Duy Phuong in 1992. This relationship has opened up a new development direction for her. Le Giang turned to be a comedian, and accompanied her husband to perform at large and small stages in Ho Chi Minh. Working together for 7 years, the two experienced many conflicts. In 1999, Le Giang and her husband went their separate ways.

After parting, Le Giang continues to act in comedies. However, at this time, she did not make many big impressions, the audience also gradually forgot about the female artist. Only when having the opportunity to play the role of an ugly girl, Le Giang was gradually noticed again.

Passionate about pursuing comedy, Le Giang completely disappeared at the Cai Luong stage. This makes those who love the female artist’s voice regret it. However, the successful first steps on the theater stage helped Le Giang gain the love and acceptance of the public. As if to take advantage of the momentum from the role of an ugly girl to develop, Le Giang suddenly disappeared.

Temporarily put aside the career to pursue art

After the divorce, Le Giang’s life was more difficult. The female artist has to work hard to earn a living to take care of her own family. In 2009, Le Giang had the opportunity to meet an Australian overseas Vietnamese. Following the call of her heart, she decided to go one step further and settle down with her husband abroad. At the same time, she temporarily put aside her artistic work and devoted herself to her family.

‘s second marriage Le Giang only lasted for 6 years. In 2015, the two divorced. At this time, the love for art in the female artist once again revived. She decided to return to Vietnam, restarting her unfinished career.

Le Giang and youngest son Luke Nguyen
Temporarily put aside career pursuing art

A return full of hope and passion for art

After 5 years of absence on the big and small stages, Le Giang decided to return to Vietnam. Starting again with art, but because she was away from the stage for so long, she had many difficulties when combining with other young artists on the stage. But also during this time, there are many artists by her side, supporting and helping her.

After only a while of attaching, Le Giang completely changed on stage. She became more confident, more graceful when performing. The works on the big stage also have the presence of female artists. Gradually, Le Giang’s name came closer to the audience. Besides the comedy stage, she also participated in many gameshows, leaving a good impression on everyone.

In her 50s, her love of art Le Giang still as vibrant as when she was young. Therefore, each stage performed by the female artist touches the emotions of the audience. There are joys, sorrows, sorrows and sorrows. Compared to the time at the peak of his career, it is clear that Le Giang is much brighter now.

Le Giang’s current job

She continues to participate in art, performing, and film projects with her colleagues with her enthusiasm and passion. Besides, she also developed her own Youtube channel, which received a lot of followers and reception. Le Giang also has many plans in the future such as producing comedy series in the form of web-drama, catching up with current comedy trends. Besides, in addition to pursuing art, she also runs a nail salon business.

This is a project that Le Giang opened with the desire to be able to help disadvantaged women to learn vocational skills, to be proficient in vocational training so that they can support themselves, help their families, and make ends meet. She believes that every woman needs to be independent, economically self-sufficient, and control her own life, so she wants to convey motivation to all women.

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Artist Le Giang’s private life

Besides career, artist Le Giang’s private life is always a hot topic of interest to many people. Having shared a difficult life after marriage, the female artist’s back story makes many curious. From the story How many children does Le Giang have?how her married life makes the audience curious.

How many children does Le Giang have?

Now, Le Giang She has 3 children, 2 of her first husband is comedian Duy Phuong, one with her husband is Viet Kieu Australia. Information about her youngest son is still a mystery, not much is known. Meanwhile, the first two children, Duy Phuoc and Le Loc, are all grown up, pursuing acting and comedy careers like their parents.

Both Duy Phuoc and Le Loc are potential young actors today. Both have acted together in many skits with their parents, have a certain position in the comedy village and are remembered and named by the audience. Although Le Giang’s family story used to consume a lot of media, now, both she, her husband and children have a good relationship even though they do not live in the same house.

Great family of artists Le Giang
Great family of artists Le Giang

Twice missed the boat and single life in the present

Twice missed the happiness of Le Giang all made the audience feel sorry for the female artist’s fate. Divorced in 1999, Le Giang shared that she could not stand the days of being abused by her husband. At the time of divorce, she and her husband will be judged to live with two children divided equally according to the day of the week.

However, because I’m alone, busy with rice and money, so Le Giang I have almost no time with my children. After that, the two children almost lived and grew up with their father, lacking the love of their mother. The love between mother and daughter was so far apart, only later did the three open their hearts and bond with each other.

The marriage with an overseas Vietnamese husband is expected to bring Le Giang a new happy destination. However, this marriage did not have a perfect ending. However, the two parted in peace, not fighting. Currently, the female artist is satisfied with her current single life, loving children and beloved colleagues.

The female artist’s point of view on love

Turning 50 years old, after the breakup of two love affairs with her two ex-husbands, Le Giang has no intention of taking another step despite encouragement from her children, advising her mother to get married to reduce loneliness. , so as not to be sad. However, she has determined that she no longer has feelings for love affairs, the comedian is too used to being alone and hanging out with her children every night and the notion that if a man belongs to her, , they will come to themselves, not have to search.

In addition, Le Giang is going through the pressure of being a single mother, but thanks to her business, she overcomes and experiences her happy life with her children. For the female artist, life just needs to be healthy and a favorite job, everything can be solved and can completely worry about the life of the family.

Above is the basic information of the famous female comedian, we can know who the artist Le Giang is, How old is Le Giang?, How many children does Le Giang have?, how her career path has developed, are all highlighted in this article. Hope with the information shared by Online Entrepreneurs Just provided, readers will understand more about artist Le Giang, the difficulties she faces in life and how she overcame them all. Through the article, hope readers will always love and support her, support her current works as well as the series of products coming to the market in the near future.