Tiểu sử Hồ Quang Hiếu [CHUẨN]

Profile of singer Ho Quang Hieu

Who is Ho Quang Hieu?

Ho Quang Hieu is a famous male singer with the songs “Spring Butterfly”, “No Emotions” and once dated female singer Bao Anh.

Tiểu sử Hồ Quang Hiếu [CHUẨN]

What is Ho Quang Hieu’s real name?

Ho Quang Hieu is also his real name.

When was Ho Quang Hieu born?

He was born on September 20, 1986.

Where is Ho Quang Hieu from?

He was born in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak

How tall is Ho Quang Hieu?

He is 1m72 tall.

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Ho Quang Hieu’s family background

Ho Quang Hieu is the youngest child in a family of 8 siblings, but his parents soon divorced, Ho Quang Hieu did not receive proper upbringing and care, so he soon fell.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

Ho Quang Hieu’s life and career

As the only son in a family of 8 sisters, and the true grandson of the family, Ho Quang Hieu trusted that… “troubled” since childhood. His parents divorced when he was 10 years old, and his mother was worried about taking care of the child, so the male singer used the excuse of not being taught, but soon rebelled.

Since childhood, the voice of “Spring Butterfly” has experienced many jobs inherent to rogue elements such as stealing money, playing cards, stealing money from students… Angry at parents for divorce, no one teaches Tempted, he ran away from home and was drawn into the vices of society.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

In Ho Quang Hieu’s autobiography “Change” released in April 2019, he detailed his rogue past:

The divorce of my parents had a huge impact on my life, I did not expect it myself. My family is broken, no one to teach me, my house is right at the bus station, so there are no bad habits that I don’t know and have never been involved in.

My family has eight sisters, mother has to work to raise children, so she does not have time to take care of and pay attention to her studies. The sisters are all married, so everyone has to take care of their own lives. I’m the youngest child, my mother still loves me, so I’m even more bossy and do it.

I quit school, stole money from my mother to go out, invited my friends to an abandoned house to play cards, and stayed there. When I ran out of money, I stood at the school gate to block the money from the students, everyone had to pay, I even went to the deserted beaches to watch couples dating to steal money to buy rice, food, coffee. coffee… At that time, I always thought like that, it was so majestic, I thought I was a swordsman

There was a time when I was away from home for a month. I know my mother cried a lot because of me. Mom kept thinking that I was sad, I wanted to buy this and that, so she kept saying: “If you want to buy a car, I’ll buy it for you…” as if to compensate. But mom doesn’t know that I’m just a playboy. When I was in 10th grade, I dropped out of school and devoted myself entirely to other, happier things.

I walked like that for about a year, and, when something happens, it will come. I still vividly remember that day, wandering at the school gate forever unable to find any prey because most of them were familiar with their faces, also knew how to “hide money”, I went back home to try to steal money from my mother, but she did I put the money somewhere else, I can’t find it and I don’t hope to see it again. Wandering around until late at night to return to the “headquarters”, I saw headlights flashing everywhere, the police standing inside the house were handcuffing his friend.

After the car was gone, I dared to ask the rest, and I learned that someone in the group stole an expensive watch, so I was arrested, I heard that the family that lost the watch is an influential family. The punishment for thieves will be terrible. Hearing that, I got goosebumps, the decision was very quick and resolute: I had to give up this “career”.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

It must have been a year, thanks to that incident that I knew fear. But it’s true that “I haven’t seen the coffin without tears”, I still have every disability. From this hole, I jumped into another hole. I was asked by a brother to work as a karaoke manager for me. To tell the truth is to coordinate the girls “beer hugs”. Whenever customers need or girls need customers, I will be the one to directly act as a broker and coordinate for both parties.

Doing that job makes me interact with girls a lot, get to know them, date them, like her, forcing the owner to create new conditions for scheduling. For example: Many karaoke rooms contact many clues to bring girls in. If you like her, call that party, is she beautiful, if she likes it. Then I have to flirt and groped them before I can coordinate for the guests.

Are you curious to know if I have any regrets? Yes, on sleepless nights, I always ask myself: “What are you doing, Hieu?”, “Why are you so miserable?”, then remembering my mother’s tears and making me cry in the night .

That fateful afternoon also came, while hugging a very beautiful hairdresser, I heard shouting outside, and then the police sirens pounded. I jumped out the window and ran away. Because of lack of knowledge, unforeseen consequences, plus not knowing the law, I used to think that any profession is a profession. Almost getting caught and falling when jumping from the window prompted me to decide to quit my “job”.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

The next question is: “What to do now? Studying is not good enough, has a bad past, who will accept me here?”.

Fortunately, an acquaintance recommended me to ignore the bus, at that time, being able to go here and there, discovering new scenery is very comfortable in my heart even though the long distance is very extreme. On rainy days, climbing on the roof of the car, the hood of the car unloading for people, the rain water mixed with the soil kept pouring into the eyes, into the mouth, etc., the cold rain soaked into people. Every once in a while, the bad temper erupts, can’t help it, swears at customers, drops customers along the way because of hate… Seeing myself as ugly and disgusting, afraid of being affected by the culture of long-distance driving, I take a break. driving and going home. I went back to my mother.

Talking about the fate that brought Ho Quang Hieu to the musical path completely by accident when he had a friend who was a singer in the past, in his free time, Hieu often drove his friends to perform at singing venues. Standing behind the stage, witnessing his friend singing passionately on stage, Ho Quang Hieu wished he could become a singer to satisfy his passion. Fortunately, when his friend’s group was short of people, he had the opportunity to join and pursue a singing path.

Passing the entrance exam to the Hanoi Military College of Arts and Letters, after 3 years of hard work, Hieu found that he had enough confidence to go to the professional singing path. Studying and familiar with the land of Hanoi, but Ho Quang Hieu chose Sai Thanh to establish a career as a life and death game for a young man who has just grown up, with the same desire to conquer the audience.

Ho Quang Hieu competed for Vietnam Idol in 2007 at the age of 21 with the hope that his passion for music would have a chance to shine. At that time, he performed the song Pleiku’s eyes The audition round was highly appreciated by the judges. As a result, the male singer entered the top 60 overall. However, the joy came to Ho Quang Hieu not for long, because then he stopped and could not go further in the competition.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

In 2010, Ho Quang Hieu excellently received the Champion award in the music competition “Let’s shine”. After being crowned the Champion of the contest, singer Ho Quang Hieu was more known to music lovers when he was invited to perform by a series of prestigious producers as well as the show.

Since then, his image has been densely covered in newspapers. The hits performed by him were quickly received by the public, typically: “What remains after the rain”; “Don’t let go of my hand”; “That’s where I find”; “Mommy”;…

Besides the inherent gentle and deep music style, male singer Ho Quang Hieu also knows how to renew himself when he decides to release “Spring butterfly” – the song has a vibrant melody and was once a cult hit.

As soon as it was released, the above song gained huge online views and swept all the big and small stages at home and abroad. This is also the song that made the young male singer’s name in 2014, a stepping stone for his other music products to come closer to the public, including: “You are mine”; “My heart tightens”; “Find me”;…

Not only being a singer, Ho Quang Hieu also participated in many popular MVs as an actor. Among the most successful MVs with him in it, the name must be mentioned “Teenagers go to Gypsy” – a 3-part MV that is carefully invested in both content and image, in order to bring to the audience profound messages about sublime motherhood.

The above MV also topped the trending top on YouTube video sharing site and brought Ho Quang Hieu the prestigious golden button after only 7 days of release. Besides, the songs used in the MV are: “Teenagers go to Gypsy”; “Tiger father tiger death”; “We are brothers”;… It is also very popular with fans.

Ho Quang Hieu’s private life

Ho Quang Hieu and his ex-wife – hot girl Ivy

Ex-wife Ho Quang Hieu is a hotgirl, actress Ivy was born in 1992. In 2013, both decided to return to the same house after a period of research and contact through work. Before coming to the handsome male born in 1986, Ivy used to be an actor who played in the MVs of many famous singers. She has also appeared in a number of small domestic magazines.

At the time of both marriage and divorce, Ho Quang Hieu was on the verge of career advancement, so everything was kept secret. It was not until 2016, when the wedding photos of hot girl Ivy and Ho Quang Hieu leaked on social networks, that the audience was surprised because the voice of the Spring Butterfly had once had a wife.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

Ho Quang Hieu and Bao Anh

Ho Quang Hieu – Bao Anh used to have a sweet love affair for 2 years, before officially confirming the breakup in October 2017. According to the male singer No emotionsthe main reason why they decided to break up was “the distance and the concept of life have ceased to be in sync”.

After a while, starting from the beginning of 2019, netizens continuously discovered evidence that the male singer and his ex-lover were traveling together. Even the image of the two shyly eating together was also spread on the internet…

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

With a lot of evidence given, the star couple is said to have fallen in love from the beginning. Although the suspicion of resuming the old love seems to have been revealed, the insiders did not directly speak on this issue.

At the end of May 2019, Bao Anh hung status “Go back and be satisfied” amidst the scrutiny of netizens. Not only naming a certain incident, but Bao Anh is said to have implicitly confirmed that he has resumed his predestined relationship with the star surname Ho.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

But in an interview in November 2019, Ho Quang Hieu confirmed that he and Bao Anh had broken up after reuniting.

Some time after breaking up, we met again on an outing with close friends. Will Bao Anh and I sit down and talk about what we’re doing wrong, whether we can continue or not. At that time, both Bao Anh and I regretted having nurtured, cared for, cared for and gave each other a lot of love. After the conversation, she and I decided to start over, giving each other the opportunity to learn. However, both of them later felt that their personalities were difficult to get along, could not go a long way together, so they decided to break up.

I don’t mind being constantly rumored to be reunited. I am only afraid of false rumors affecting Bao Anh. For example, Bao Anh is dating a new person, but reading news related to his relationship with Ho Quang Hieu all day is very pitiful for her! On my side, a certain girl contacted and wondered about rumors with her ex-girlfriend, I am ready to explain.

There is nothing more between me and Bao Anh. Everyone has their own life, rarely talking about each other. She and I broke up to give each other the opportunity to meet someone better than us.”

Scandal Ho Quang Hieu was accused of “rape”, “invited to fly and then robbed his daughter’s life”

On the evening of December 11, FB named Thuy Xuyen posted a forum to denounce Ho Quang Hieu’s playfulness, taking advantage of when she was not awake to “rape” and “robbed her daughter’s life”. The girl tried to let it go because it was an incident when everyone was not awake. But then, she discovered that she had been trapped and looked down upon, so she decided to speak up.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

On the morning of December 12, this account continues to prove the relationship with the vocalist Spring butterfly by posting pictures of the male singer sleeping.

Biography of Ho Quang Hieu

Ho Quang Hieu’s side denied this accusation and said it was looking for the girl’s identity.