Tiểu sử hoa hậu Kỳ Duyên [CHUẨN]

Background of Miss Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen

Who is Miss Ky Duyen?

Miss Ky Duyen (full name is Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen) is Miss Vietnam 2014.

Tiểu sử hoa hậu Kỳ Duyên [CHUẨN]

What is Miss Ky Duyen’s real name?

Her real name is Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen.

As revealed by Ky Duyen’s parents, because they are a fan of MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, they named her after this beautiful female MC.

When was Miss Ky Duyen born?

She was born on November 13, 1996.

Where is Miss Ky Duyen from?

She was born in Nam Dinh.

How tall is Miss Ky Duyen?

She is 1m73 tall.

Measurements of 3 rounds of Miss Ky Duyen

Ky Duyen owns 3 rounds of measurement: 86-63-91

Education level of Miss Ky Duyen

When she was crowned in 2014, Ky Duyen was a student at Hanoi Foreign Trade University. But the answer to Miss Ky Duyen’s graduation is still open. Many sources said that she has not graduated yet and is rumored to have reserved her studies for a long time.

Coming from the family of Miss Ky Duyen

Ky Duyen is the youngest daughter of a well-to-do family in Nam Dinh. Ky Duyen’s parents own a famous wedding dress studio in Nam Dinh city. Her mother is a makeup artist, and her father is the studio’s main photographer.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

The life and career of Miss Ky Duyen

Miss Ky Duyen started learning French from the 4th grade. She was a French gifted student while studying at Tran Dang Ninh Secondary School and then at Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted in the city. Nam Dinh street.

Miss Ky Duyen is considered a docile girl, good at studying. Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s 12th grade average score makes many people stunned: Math 8.8; Physics: 8.2; Chemistry 7.3; Born: 8.1; Literature: 7.1; Foreign Languages ​​(French): 8.7. Ky Duyen’s grade point average is 8.3 and graduated with honors.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Transcript of Miss Ky Duyen in grade 12

Not only that, Miss Ky Duyen also actively participates in sports activities. For three consecutive years, Ky Duyen won the gold medal in badminton in Nam Dinh province.

In 2014, Ky Duyen passed the entrance exam to Hanoi Foreign Trade University with a score of 23 D3 blocks (3 subjects math, literature and French).

On the evening of December 6 in Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen excellently surpassed 37 other beauties to be crowned Miss Vietnam 2014. In addition, she also won the sub-award of Beauty of the Sea.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Immediately after the coronation, Ky Duyen immediately encountered a fierce public opinion. The audience noticed that her beauty was not equal to 1st runner-up Huyen My, so the person who deserves the title of Miss 2014 is Huyen My.

After that, the organizers and judges gave convincing factors for the contest results. As the people who stick with the beauties from the beginning to the end of the contest, both on stage and behind the scenes, the organizers highly appreciate Ky Duyen for being docile, strong and progressive. The judges affirmed that Ky Duyen with more water than people and high quality is completely worthy of the position of Miss 2014.

After winning the Miss Universe crown, Ky Duyen was constantly entangled in scandals.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Scandals of Miss Ky Duyen

It can be said that Ky Duyen is the Miss Vietnam who has had the most scandals ever.

Ky Duyen yelled at her parents and let her parents carry her things

In 2015, a netizen shared a status about Miss Ky Duyen innocently talking to her parents in a scowling, disrespectful tone in front of many people at the gym. According to this person’s share, Miss Ky Duyen went to practice without shoes, she called her parents and asked her to bring her shoes right away with a rather frustrated attitude.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Before that, the online community had criticized Ky Duyen when he saw a picture of Ky Duyen at the airport in beautiful clothes but indifferently let his parents push suitcases and carry things.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Ky Duyen sleeps with a less graceful figure on the plane

In August 2015, a photo capturing the moment of poor sleep on the plane of Miss Vietnam 2014 Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen went viral and received mixed responses.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Ky Duyen was accused of doing fake charity

When participating in the sale of watermelons to help Quang Nam Dong Bao in April 2015, Ky Duyen called for everyone’s help on her personal page and posted pictures of her struggling to sell melons.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

However, as soon as this share appeared, many people thought that Ky Duyen was “coloring” because he only appeared briefly to take pictures and then got in a taxi to leave.

Although Ky Duyen explained that she was busy studying, so she could only help for the first few minutes and then had to go to class on time, but this incident more or less worsened the image that Ky Duyen was working on building after night. Crowned.

Ky Duyen has been accused of plastic surgery many times

After being crowned for a while, Ky Duyen suddenly appeared with an unusually pointed chin. This has made her the subject of controversy everywhere. Many believe that she had plastic surgery to become more beautiful.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

However, Ky Duyen denied this and she confirmed that she only massaged and acupressure to make her face slimmer. But soon after, a series of evidence showed that Ky Duyen had cosmetic interventions on her face after being crowned Miss Vietnam.

In addition, Ky Duyen’s image is also advertised on the official website of the beauty salon that sponsored the Miss Vietnam 2014 contest. This “lying” case made Ky Duyen lose points in the public eye. much.

Ky Duyen was accused of swearing at a taxi driver

At the beginning of 2016, Ky Duyen was “posted” by the wife of a taxi driver on her facebook personal page, telling her husband’s story, in which this woman specified Ky Duyen’s name and “to” had spoken in English. In turn, be disrespectful and even insulting.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Although this woman later deleted her status and closed her personal page, the unknown story about Ky Duyen is still being spread and mentioned a lot on online forums. Many people don’t even know if they should be surprised or disappointed by the news because it’s clear that this is not the first time Ky Duyen has been involved in a scandal like this.

Ky Duyen was caught smoking at a cafe

On July 11, 2016, on social networks, a video of Miss Ky Duyen holding a cigarette in a cafe in Hanoi quickly spread on social media. When she discovered that someone was filming a video, the beautiful Nam Dinh quickly hid the cigarette.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Many people criticize Ky Duyen’s smoking behavior as a bad thing, especially when she is a beauty queen.

On August 5, 2016, Tien Phong newspaper, the permanent unit of the Organizing Committee of the Miss Vietnam 2014 pageant and authorized by the Representative Council of the participating units of the Miss Vietnam 2014 pageant, issued a disciplinary decision in the form of reprimand to Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen for smoking in public.

According to this decision, all representative images and promotional photos for the Miss Vietnam 2016 contest with Ky Duyen’s image will be removed, and Ky Duyen will not be invited to participate in the companion program with the final round. In addition, Ky Duyen was not invited to crown the new Miss 2016, but the head of the organizing committee, the editor-in-chief of Tien Phong newspaper Le Xuan Son will do this.

Ky Duyen revealed a drunken photo at the bar

A day after the image of Ky Duyen smoking was spread, on social networks, images of Ky Duyen in a drunken state continued to appear on social networks, causing a stir among netizens.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

It is known that these are images recorded by customers of the bar. In the photo, Miss Ky Duyen is in a dreamy state, dozing off on a table in a dimly lit bar.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

The person who posted this photo wrote: “Once, I saw her drunk in Bui Vien and sent it to the press but she was hidden”.

Ky Duyen was caught playing soccer and locking her boyfriend’s lips

On December 26, 2016, the image of Miss Ky Duyen playing a smiley ball and locking her boyfriend Cong Son’s lips caught the paparazzi lens. In the picture, Ky Duyen and her boyfriend Cong Son laugh happily and comfortably lock their lips in a dark corner.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

The image of Miss Vietnam and her boyfriend blowing balloons made the public react. Many people believe that the 20-year-old beauty should have a healthy hobby, or at least keep the image in a crowded place.

Ky Duyen was accused by Thu Dung of being a “third person” and robbed a bowl of rice

In April 2018, Ky Duyen was accused of stealing a bowl of rice by Miss Perfect Global Beauty 2017 Thu Dung. Specifically, Thu Dung shared with the press that she was once criticized by a Miss Vietnam and robbed a business relationship with a plastic surgery hospital of a famous plastic surgeon.

Right time Runner-up Thu Dung shared, Ky Duyen again became the representative image of doctor Chiem Quoc Thai’s plastic surgery hospital and was suspected of dating with this doctor. Although Thu Dung did not confirm that Ky Duyen was the Miss she mentioned, this rumor spread quickly, causing Ky Duyen’s image to deteriorate again.

Ky Duyen admits to round 1 plastic surgery

In 2018, 4 years after the coronation, Miss Ky Duyen admitted to having “cutlery” round 1. Ky Duyen was the first Miss to admit “plastic surgery”. Although she is acknowledged for her beauty and body, she also encounters many criticisms about falling into “showing off”.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Ky Duyen and Minh Trieu are caught up in gay dating rumors

Miss Ky Duyen and supermodel Minh Trieu There were many rumors of gay dating. Since the end of 2018, Ky Duyen and Minh Trieu have continuously appeared together. They travel together, wear matching outfits and use the same accessories.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

In April, the public discovered that Miss Ky Duyen used the same phone wallpaper as Minh Trieu’s photo. At that time, she also posted an intimate photo with her colleague and wrote sweetly: “In this life, I always want to find someone who is gentle, treats me special, and will listen to me when suddenly I feel sad”.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

Since then, the frequency of the two posting pictures together has increased. Especially the behind-the-scenes photos taken when the two joined the Amazing Race. Minh Trieu called Ky Duyen Fat Bear. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old Miss repeatedly praised the beautiful opponent. According to Ky Duyen’s share, Minh Trieu is the one who helps her get in shape.

Not only that, recently a netizen posted on a Facebook group about the story of Ky Duyen and Minh Trieu. According to the story, this person lives in the same apartment as Ky Duyen, previously she lived with her parents, but now she has bought another apartment to live alone. This person also suspected that Minh Trieu also moved in with him because he often met here. Besides, Minh Trieu is also very close to Ky Duyen’s parents. Once, this person met Ky Duyen and Minh Trieu waiting for the elevator while the ‘beams’ hugged each other, only when someone came, they let go.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

In 2019, the couple Ky Duyen – Minh Trieu participated in the Amazing Race 2019 in orange team costumes. Recently, the couple finished last and were eliminated from the Amazing Race. The two stopped in episode 5 after many conflicts arose. Because of taking the wrong path to be eliminated, Ky Duyen blamed his teammates for disappointing Minh Trieu. She believes that the same team should try to solve the problem instead of blaming each other.

Biography of Miss Ky Duyen

After parting with the contest, Miss Vietnam 2014 posted a couple photo with the article: “No matter what the result, we still take pictures together this afternoon, friends, don’t laugh”. She added: “We are still together, understand each other better, sympathize with each other. I already know better than my teammates how they think because Trieu is much bigger than Duyen anyway.”