Tiểu Sử Nhã Phương [CHUẨN]

Nha Phuong’s Background

What is Nha Phuong’s real name?

Her real name is Tran Thi Nha Phuong, also known by the nickname Nabi Nha Phuong.

When was Nha Phuong born?

She was born on June 10, 1990.

Where is Nha Phuong from?

She was born in Daklak. Her hometown is in Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province.

Nha Phuong’s family background

Nha Phuong’s family has 5 siblings, below her there is a younger brother and sister. Her father is a teacher and her mother is a small businesswoman, housewife, and her family is not well off, so since childhood, she and her sister have always been aware of how to live a disciplined life and take care of each other.

Tiểu Sử Nhã Phương [CHUẨN]

Nha Phuong’s Career

At the age of 18, Nha Phuong went to film and became financially independent. Nha Phuong is a student at the University of Theater and Cinema and has participated in many large and small films. However, after the short film “Sorry, I’m just a man selling spring rolls”, Nha Phuong was known by a large number of young people and audiences. Thua Thang rushed up, Nha Phuong continued to cause fever with works such as “Youth”, “Blood Heart”… Especially the role of sister Embroider in “Walking while crying” brought Nha Phuong’s name back. become one of the talented young actors of Vietnamese cinema.

Not as famous as selling rice paper in real life like a girl from Da Lat, Nabi Nha Phuong “suddenly became popular” with the role of selling rice paper in the graduation short film of a student with the title “Sorry, Mr. Just a guy who sells spring rolls.” This is the climax pushing Nha Phuong to become more famous than ever. With the role of the lover of a friend selling banh mi, with a simple plot, emotional acting and innocent and simple shapes, Nha Phuong has created the love of the online community.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

The films Nha Phuong participates in can be mentioned as Angels in White, Ugly Prince, Sunflower, Boarding School…

Participating in these dramas, Nha Phuong played the right role for her age at that time – a student. Although only small roles, but she has also shown her acting potential. At that time, Nha Phuong’s crying scene was very soulful.

After that, she acted in two films with a completely different type of character from her previous roles. One is the princess in Timeless Guy and the other is the innocent and pure seaside girl in Hot Sand. These two films are classified as “disasters”, but Nha Phuong’s acting is still recognized.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

Flashing after “Sorry, I’m just a man selling spring rolls”

Although she participated in so many films, it wasn’t until she participated in the short film Sorry, I’m Just a Banh Gio, that Nha Phuong really became famous. She plays the role of a girl selling rice paper, having a beautiful and sad love with a guy selling banh gio.

Right after the film was released on Youtube, the attraction and spread of the film probably surprised Nha Phuong herself. She is favored by viewers with the name “hot girl with rice paper” and from an unknown actress, Nha Phuong is famous and has many more fans. However, this success also stems from Nha Phuong’s honest and touching acting in the film.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

Succeeding with “Walk and Cry”, “Blood Heart” and other film projects

After Apologizing, I’m Just a Biscuit Salesman, Nha Phuong continued to advance in her acting career. She continuously achieved success when participating in Crying While Walking and Blood Heart.

In the TV series Just Go and Cry, Nha Phuong plays Embroid – a fierce girl, crazy in love with boys, always following boys to take care of her. Nha Phuong has shown a clever, humorous, and sometimes ungainly Embroidery that makes the audience extremely excited. At times, Nha Phuong’s Embroidery role is even more prominent than the main character pair.

Nha Phuong accepted the invitation to participate in the horror film Blood Heart, Nha Phuong proved that she has matured in acting. It can be said that this is Nha Phuong’s heaviest role ever. Because this role is not as playful and cheerful as her familiar role, Blood Heart requires Nha Phuong to act with more depth. And once again, Nha Phuong was successful with her acting ability.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

9 secrets about Nha Phuong that few people know

1. I love being a singer but I competed in the acting industry

When she was in high school, Nha Phuong was very passionate about singing, this passion followed her throughout her childhood. When taking the university entrance exam, in addition to submitting the application to the banking industry as desired by her parents, Phuong quietly registered for the exam… sneaked into a music-related school.

Due to the sneaky mood, when she skimmed through the information about the School of Theater and Film, seeing the request “singing, reading poetry, acting”, she immediately chose and asked her friend to make an application without knowing her. registered as an actor. Phuong still did not discover this until the day of the pre-qualification round. After singing a song at the request of the judge, her soul flew to the clouds when she was forced to read poetry and act out plays.

She read 4 lines of Xuan Quynh’s poem and then mumbled “I don’t belong in the next part”. The jury continued to assign a dramatic situation for her to audition. After the turbulent competition, Phuong cried bitterly when her sister came to pick her up. However, that year, Phuong was among the few candidates who passed the exam.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

2. Romantic and dreamy

She loves romance, whenever asked where she wants to go for a vacation, Phuong’s choice is always Da Lat. She can go up there to play 3-4 times a year without getting bored.

Nha Phuong is also extremely fond of feminine pink. Her wardrobe is always filled with pink. Previously, when she went out on the street, she loved to wear roses from shoes, dresses, hair ties, hats, jewelry… So it’s no surprise that Nha Phuong is extremely romantic, easy to trust people excessively. and think everything is simple. Nha Phuong even wore a “pink tree” and no makeup when casting the first movie. Perhaps it was this humor that made director Le Hoang keep an eye on her and choose her.

Stepping into showbiz, right after knowing the dark side of the entertainment world with jealousy, envy, and beating each other, Nha Phuong was shocked and stressed, even deciding to quit her job. Her innocence and thinking is always in the clouds, making her nicknamed “Baby To” by everyone.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

3. The first amount of money “offered” to the thief

After receiving 7 million dong in the first payment for the movie The Good DoctorNha Phuong carefree left money in the living room. Just then, a visitor came to see the house because her sister was selling the apartment. Taking people for a walk around the house and seeing off the guests, her money is also not flying.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

“For someone who used to not have enough 50,000 VND to pay the university entrance exam fee, this is a terrible loss,” Nha Phuong recalls. In a panic, she went to the police with a tear-stained face and panicked the person on duty because she heard the loud crying, so she thought she had lost an extremely large amount of money.

After this life-remembering accident, later, whenever she received a salary, regardless of how busy she was, Nha Phuong would definitely run to the bank to deposit money before continuing to calculate.

4. Ever had sex rumors

This rumor arose when Nha Phuong was in high school. She had a very close girlfriend, so close that she went everywhere, hand in hand and didn’t pay attention to any other boy in the school. The word Na in Nabi Nha Phuong is the name of this girlfriend. Currently, Nha Phuong has a boyfriend and she said that she is still very fond of handsome men, so she has not thought about same-sex relationships.

5. Never slept alone

Although she used to be the female lead in the horror film Blood Heart, Nha Phuong is extremely afraid of ghosts. From childhood to adulthood, she always found a way to not have to sleep alone. Even once, she even hugged her pillow to her brother’s room and asked to sleep on the floor. And when she slept with her sister, she always used to lie in the innermost corner for safety.

The only time she had to sleep alone, Nha Phuong stayed up all night and imagined countless… scary ghosts. In the scenes at the famous haunted house in Da Lat, when having to act alone from the bottom of the stairs to the upper floor, “Ba To” always “begs” the film crew to send a person to stand behind her to make sure. eat.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

6. A toy that you crave for all your childhood: plastic dolls

Nha Phuong’s family has 5 brothers and sisters, all of whom live off the rice fields, the teacher’s salary of the father and the mother’s groceries. So, except for money for their children’s education, her parents hardly buy luxury toys to pamper them. Meanwhile, Nha Phuong is extremely fond of dolls. To temporarily satisfy this hobby, she aimed for baby corns shaped like babies. Every day she went to the fields with her parents, she broke a few fruits and started her game.

By the time Phuong’s parents found out, the corn garden had already suffered quite a bit of damage. Her father got mad, as a result, from then on, “Ba To” received a ban on going to the fields every corn season. However, Nha Phuong admits that compared to her sisters, she is still very lucky because she was born when the family’s economy was better, her mother had a small grocery store, so Nha Phuong did not have to follow her mother to sell groceries like she did. sisters.

7. He was once refused to see his face by his father

Ba Nha Phuong really wanted a son, while before she was already two sisters. When giving birth to her, both parents hoped to have a son, so when she learned that Nha Phuong was a girl, her father was so sad that she went out, not even looking at the newborn baby’s face.

Nha Phuong recounted: “My mother said that my skin is so pale now because my father made me sad at that time, my mother was sad, so I did not have enough sun to warm me up. But in the end, among the sisters, I harassed my father the most and he also pampered me very much, probably to atone for my sins (laughs). When I was in 8th grade, I even asked to sleep with my father, the sisters had to tell me that I was an adult, so it was strange that I would crawl in and sleep with my sister and mother.”

8. The biggest flaw is love

True to her love of pink, Nha Phuong is very romantic in love. She and her boyfriend always want to do something special for each other so that every day is Valentine’s Day. Nha Phuong also shared that she needed an “emotional giant” more than a material giant.

She confided: “My biggest weakness is emotional. I always consider affection greater than everything and affection is also the driving force to work. Not only in love but also in family love. I remember the day I received my first film, only 2 months after the date of admission. I think I’m lucky and others think I’ve done something, in exchange for something to be so favored. My parents are very sad. I told myself to work hard, work hard and keep myself so that no one could say the same about me again.”

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

9. Thinks that director Le Hoang is a man

Before participating in this famous director’s film, Nha Phuong was quite shaken because she had heard many rumors that Le Hoang was “terrible and fierce”. But when it came to working together, she breathed a sigh of relief: “Mr. Le Hoang is gentle, like Mr. But, whenever I do something wrong, you just laugh and scratch your head. Working with you is very comfortable. The only thing I’m strict about is the dialogue, which must be said exactly like the script, not a word wrong.”


Nha Phuong was caught kissing Truong Giang, her co-star in the movie 49 days. The couple initially denied the rumors, but gradually they also confessed their feelings.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details

The image of Ngoc Nu of Vietnam

Nha Phuong is known for her pure, innocent, scandal-free image, so she is considered the Ngoc Nu of Vbiz.

Nha Phuong is loved by many fans because of her simple lifestyle.

Nha Phuong's Biography - Nha Phuong's Biography Full of Details